Selling your home

Why not sell your home without an estate agent?

Selling a home without using an estate agent is growing in popularity. The internet in particular presents many possibilities in this regard. This might appear to be a very attractive option. After all, you keep more for yourself by avoiding the estate agent’s charges. But selling your home without an estate agent also carries a great number of disadvantages. An estate agent is familiar with the local housing market, knows how the bid system works, is able to apply structure for you and keep the peace when the pressure rises, and can help you to organise both the commercial aspect and the subsequent conveyance.

Let us help you to sell your home

Successfully sell your home for the best price – Maximize your return on real estate! You can expect a great deal of our assistance and service. We actively devote our experience, our extensive network, our expertise and our knowledge of the market to successfully selling or renting out your property at the best market price.

Our aim: always to offer an exclusive, personalised service to our clients who are interested in top quality real estate.


1. Market-compliant pricing

Our real estate agents are involved each and every day in investment property transactions. That means that they know the market through and through. Selling homes, apartments, commercial premises and houses is what they do every day. This knowledge and experience makes it possible to determine the best market price for your house.
The basis of a successful transaction.


2. Complete file compilation

Once we have received your instruction to sell your home or business premises we make an immediate start with creating your file in consultation with your civil-law notary.
A clean soil certificate is applied for, land registry information is obtained, estimates are made.



3. Your own marketing plan

Quares has a whole range of options for efficiently placing your premises on the market. This unique marketing mix guarantees a fast sale for the best price!



4. Distinctive presentation of your home

Quares has powerful marketing instruments with tried-and-tested results for selling your home. From brochures and advertisements to presentations at the best-attended home websites and our own website.
Your premises stand out.



5. An extensive database of contacts

As soon as your property is ready for publication an announcement is sent to all of our candidates in our extensive and detailed database.
This is a highly efficient way of finding a suitable buyer or tenant for your home or business premises.



6. Your personal estate agent

At our organisation you have a single point of contact who keeps you fully informed and who can answer all of your questions. This person, like all Quares personnel, has the in-depth knowledge of the market and qualities needed to position your premises according to your requirements. 

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