Owners and investors

We manage the portfolios of property investors and the owners-users of buildings.

Because the extent to which added value is created depends on sound management and successful investment advice, Quares strives in the implementation of its Property Management to:

  • Achieve perfect cost control
  • Optimise the returns of your property portfolio
  • Maintain the appearance and marketability of your building.

As a Property Manager with ample experience and knowledge of the market, Quares offers you:

  • High customer satisfaction among lessees
  • Limited vacancy levels
  • Transparent and extensive reporting on expenditure
  • Covering of legal liability.

Do you want to make your building even more attractive for potential lessees or buyers before renting or selling it? Our Build Management team can assist you with this.  Based on their expertise they are able to advise you on the design and then taking on the coordination, continuously monitoring the object, the planning and the budget.

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