Logistics premises

Quares has thoroughly familiarised itself with the logistics sector. With more than 1,300,000 m2 under management in Belgium and the Netherlands, we deliver a service that is aimed above all at proactive management and a hands-on approach to problems.  We recognise the needs of the logistics sector and follow our clients.  That way we offer homogeneous services for clients whose activities are spread over several national or international sites.



Quares manages 180 shop premises in Belgium and Luxembourg, ranging from recruitment centres to inner city shops and shopping  centres. These shop premises are owned by national and international private and/or institutional investors or are jointly owned by retailers. Our people are in the field at the shop premises on a daily basis and are permanently supported by our helpdesk team. 

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In addition to cost efficiency, a pleasant working environment and a perfect place to receive clients form the starting points for the sustainable management of office premises.

Our teams ensure that the office buildings work perfectly so that their internal clients are able to work in complete comfort. We offer our clients a unique discussion partner with a broad spectrum of professional disciplines and a top quality service. We strive for the highest possible level of comfort within the set budgets.

Quares is currently managing approximately 170,000 m2 of offices.

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