Subsidy (from the Latin subsidium: support, help, assistance) is a temporary contribution of the government or a non-commercial organisation to start or a permanent contribution to implement an activity whose economic interest is not immediately apparent. The term subsidy is a collective term for the range of instruments that the government has available to promote policy issues. Although sustainable business park management cannot in itself be subsidy-driven and must therefore be self-supporting as soon as possible via an economic structure, the start-up period does call for a certain amount of financial support.

The government has therefore provided for various subsidy options at the various levels for the creation of a sustainable business park within its vision of CO2 neutrality. Some of them depend on whether the situation concerns a new or existing business park, others cover both.

Certain subsidy flows are non-recurring, others are for a predetermined long-term start-up period. The amount of subsidy granted is also related in some cases to the location.

Either way, Quares is able to assist you from A to Z concerning the various subsidy options. This assistance can range from providing information to completely drawing up and defending the case file.

The potential subsidies that Quares will be pleased to help you with include:

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